Brick BBQ Blog

November 2017

We have finally got a rotisserie unit in stock for our 90cm brick BBQ kit. This rotisserie will let you spit roast your chicken/joint of meat over your brick barbecue for a really succulent result without the hassle.

September 2017

It's been such a long time since we updated this blog. This summer has been so hectic. We have had some great brick BBQ builds coming in. We always love to see what our customers make of our BBQ Kits, which bricks they choose, which BBQ designs they come up with. Supplying a great brick BBQ kit is such a small part of the story - what some of customers do with them is quite spectacular. Take a look at our gallery if you are looking for inspiration for your own brick bbq kit build.

13th March

Our new griddles arrived at the warehouse from the factory today - they look amazing! The griddles are basically stainless steel hot plates that are welded on to the cooking grill so that you have 1/3 hot plate and 2/3 open grill. This means you can griddle cook things like onions, peppers, prawns and eggs whilst grilling the meat to go with them. It's a great idea and we have them in 3 widths to fit all our brick BBQ kits!

25th February

We had a call from a lovely elderly gentleman the other day who was just ringing to see if he could leave a review on our website. His daughter had suggested he call us because he was so thrilled with the barbecue kit she ordered for him, and she was sick of hearing about it, so she gave him our number (he doesn't have a computer) so that he could call and dictate a review for us.......8 paragraphs later I think we nailed it! One of the loveliest calls we have ever had. Thank you Gordon!

16th January 2017

Well, we're all very excited here! The new 2017 stock is in and it's even better than ever! We have 4 brand new models in stock, a Starter BBQ kit at just £29.99, Large brick BBQ Kits that are 90 x 39 cms (4 bricks wide) in both painted steel and stainless steel and a new Extra large BBQ Kit in painted steel. Something for gardens and pockets of every size.

All we need now is a little bit of sunshine and we're good to go!!

6th August 2016

Wow - those 2 months flew by! We have had some great photo's of brick BBQ creations. Some of them are so good that we are being asked for the building instructions for them instead of our standard instructions. The Olympics has now opened in Rio and there is something uncanny about sports fixtures and barbecues that make them go hand in hand. Good luck team GB - we will be barbecuing up a storm for you :)

4th June 2016

Well, it's been a dismal start to the Summer in Blighty but the forecast is for some serious heat in the coming weeks. We know that means that lots of you will be out building your brick BBQ's in the sunshine so, if you want some inspiration take a look in our gallery. The latest addition is at the bottom of the page and is a great example of what you can do with a Brick BBQ kit and a little imagination. It was sent in by James Evans and is probably one of the best examples of a chimney BBQ we have had in recent years. Good luck with your build and don't forget that we give you a £15 voucher to spend on when you send in a photo of your completed brick BBQ (1 voucher per barbecue!)

17th May 2016

Barbecues and politics don't mix.......but we have to say that our steady trickle of orders from our European partners has turned into a bit of a wave of brick BBQs heading across the water! we think that there may be a bit of panic buying of products from the UK before the vote. Can't be bad!

3rd May 2016

The headlines about record breaking summers are out again.........not sure whether that means it's time to dust of the barbecue or the brolly :)

26th April 2016

OK - soooo, freak snow storms are making the brick BBQ world a little more interesting than usual! Have you ever tried lighting charcoal on a BBQ in thunder snow? We actually can't recommend it as a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

23rd April 2016

Well, it's the week before the Bank Holiday and already we can see that hundreds of people will be spending the Bank holiday building their brick BBQ Kits! Remember: You don't have to stick to our building instructions - take a look at our gallery and you will see what people have done with our BBQ Kits in the past. There are some great ideas in the gallery to inspire you but really your imagination is the only limit!! We particularly like the BBQ Kit that was built into a brick wall - with one brick turned round to hold the Chef's beer!

15th April 2016

Had a call today from a lovely lady who was 91 and had had her Black Knight barbecue kit for over 30 years. She needed to replace the cooking grill as her grandson had driven over it in the garage!

We get a lot of calls from people telling us that they have had their brick BBQ for over 30 years and they only need to replace one part but I think, at 91, she may be our longest surviving barbecue kit owner ever!

10th April 2016

One of the great things about building your own brick BBQ kit is that you can let your imagination go wild. Yesterday we had a call from a customer that was building his brick BBQ extra high because he was 6'7" tall. He was also adding cupboards to both sides of his barbecue with brick sides and wooden doors. Finally he was building a brick plinth with a marble worktop as a preparation area for his BBQ. We can't wait to see the photos of tis mammoth build but it sounds like a great bespoke BBQ area to us!

31st March 2016

Well, we can tell that the sun is out because our phones are ringing off the hook! We have had a bit of a mini run on our clip on caddies - a side shelf that just clips over the bricks of your BBQ and holds on to all your tools and utensils while you cook. The most useful part as far as we are concerned is being able to hang a bag on the hooks and have a bin!

 photo lrgcadtraywebsite300_zpsf1243c0d.jpg

29th March 2016

Here at Black Knight Towers we have been working since 1979 to make sure that the Brick BBQ Kits we offer you are the best they can be.

You can see the design features of our BBQ Kits on just about every page on our website so we won't bore you with them again here but we just wanted to let you know that the features we add have usually come from suggestions that customers have made over the years - you are the people that use the BBQs so you are best placed to tell us if you think it can be improved.

if you have any suggestions please let us know and, if we see the same suggestion over and over again we will look into incorporating it into the design. We never stop trying to improve.