These brick BBQ designs show that built in barbecues may come in standard sizes but you don't have to stick to the BBQ plans that you receive with the BBQ kit - you can let your imagination go wild and get some fantastic results.

Meat, Veg and Fish skewers cooking on two levels
Community Day at GE in Cleveland, Ohio
We love this one - we particularly like the single brick that has been turned round to hold a beer!
This is a great idea for a bit of storage and work space.
This is such a smart finish.
With a bit of imagination and a Black Knight BBQ Kit you can have a fantastic outdoor kitchen area.
The build Begins at GE Community Day in Cleveland, Ohio
GE Community Day, Cleveland, Ohio - they brought in the heavy machinery!
GE Community Day - The finished article!
Lots of useful storage for this bbq project
How smart does this look?
This is a great idea to combat the British weather
Great project with nice looking storage
It's a simple thing to add work surfaces and it looks great!
Preparation areas and two colour bricks make this look great
We love this rustic Pizza oven look.
This customer added extra levels for the cooking grill to give more versatility.  Wehn you build your own BBQ you can customise it to be whatever you want it to be.
Clip on side shelf in use
bbq being used with side shelf
close up of bbq being used
Light bricks with coping stone, great combo
This is a real garden feature - loads of work space and even a pizza oven!
What a great prep area
How to keep you meat and veg apart
Black stone finishes this off nicely
A great looking family project
Step by step instructions 1
Step by step instructions 2
Step by step instructions 3
Step by step instructions 4
Step by step instructions 5
Step by step instructions 6
Step by step instructions 7
Step by step instructions 8
Mirror image design saving bricks
Back to back cooking, very social
In the blue corner, cooking burgers and the red corner eating them
Looking like a page from a design magazine