Who Are Black Knight and Where Did We Come From?

Brick barbecue kits have been in our blood for over 35 years. In fact we invented them - and 35 years on we still set the standard for quality and have the best designs in the industry.

In 1977, Eric Hopper designed the first ever brick BBQ kit. He packed and stored the kits in his cousin's barn in Kent and sold them through Garden Centres and Department stores. The kits became a hit all over the UK and the range of kits and accessories on offer grew and grew every year.

Eric retired many years ago and Black Knight lay dormant for several years before Eric's son-in-law, Paul Channer, resurrected it with Eric's help in 2010.

Paul breathed new life into the range, adding new designs and ideas as well as bringing the old designs right up to date. Our kits have now been tested to comply with safety standard BS EN 1860:2013-1 for the quality of our materials and the safety of our design - so we can say with confidence that Black Knight kits are still the best available.

These days Black Knight products are only available online to enable us to bring you the very latest designs at the most competitive prices. Although our roots are firmly in Britain we ship right around the globe and Black Knight Kits grace gardens from Kent to Scotland and from Spain to Singapore.