Deluxe Brick BBQ DIY Kits 67 x 39cms (3 BRICKS WIDE)

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Over 40 years experience is in the design of our deluxe Brick BBQ kits. The Cooking grills are food grade, non magnetic stainless steel with Easy Chef bars for easy food flipping. Our Charcoal grids stand around 6cms high for great airflow and superior charcoal combustion and they lock in to the ash tray for greater strength. Our ash trays are boxed in at the front and back so they catch and HOLD the ash. Our Exclusive Ember Guard forms a barrier at the front of the barbecue to stop the hot coals from rolling off or spitting on to the Chef. Our Deluxe Brick BBQ kits have been tested by the British Standards Institute for the safety of their Design and the quality of their materials. Our kits are the ONLY brick BBQ kits in the UK that conform to BS EN 1860:2013-1 for safety and quality so you can buy with total confidence.