The Original Extra Large Brick Barbecue Kit



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If the massive 112 x 40cms cooking area of the BKB800 wasn't enough for you, we have added a heavy duty stainless steel warming rack to this kit to give even greater versatility and increase the cooking area by a whopping 50%!

he reinforced cooking grill measures a massive 112cms x 40cms, the warming rack measures 112 x 20 cms, both feature solid stainless steel rods TIG welded onto a thick frame. The rods run front to back, not side to side, to make it easier to slide a spatula without getting caught on the bars.

Our deep charcoal grid locks into the ash tray for extra strength, and our ash tray is formed into a box at the front and back to catch and HOLD the ash safely and effectively and our new exclusive Ember Guard stops the charcoal from rolling off the grid and protects against fat fires and spitting coals.

Brick BBQ Kit includes:

- Stainless Steel cooking grill (112 x 40 cms)

- Stainless Steel Charcoal Grid

- Stainless Steel Ash Tray

- Building Instructions

- Heavy Duty Stainless Steel warming Rack 112 x 20 cms

- Ember Guard

GTIN CODE 5060470590185

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Bricks not included - you will need 133

Item weight 25Kg

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BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS - HOW TO BUILD AN EXTRA LARGE BRICK BBQ (Black_Knight_Large_Excalibur_Barbecue_3.pdf, 905 Kb) [Download]